Terms and Conditions

T&C's for Customers:

By using our service you agree to the following:

Hire Tradies Pty Ltd is an advertising platform using a website, app or phone number that connects the general public with Trades people. From here on known as tradies.

At the time of joining, HireTradies.com.au  checked the tradies licence if applicable, name, address and Abn. it is up to the tradie to keep these records valid.

The customer can receive up to 3 free quotes from tradies that match their criteria. Using our app or website.  If using our phone number, they will receive 1 quote.

When a customer submits their information via our site or app (for example their phone number, name and email) it will only be shared with 3 tradies that are notified of your pending job. 

Hire Tradies Pty Ltd is not responsible or liable for the quality of work by tradies, behavior or arrival times. And will not be liable for any injury, damage, accidents or any events on any premises or vehicles.

Hire Tradies Pty Ltd is not responsible for any discussion between the customer and tradie. Or in relation to payment terms.

Payments must be made directly to the tradie. The customer and tradies should work out the payment terms BEFORE a job commences. 

Hire Tradies Pty Ltd checks a tradies Abn and licence (if required in that trade) at the time of the tradie signing up to our platform. However, over time, some licences may expire or change.  It is up to the customer to do their own checks for licences and insurance on any tradie they may use to do their job.    

The customer has the right to rate in an honest and fair review of their tradie on our website after the job is complete.

The customer has the right to cancel any job as they would do regardless of where a tradie obtained them from.

Hire Tradies Pty Ltd has the right to approve or delete any conversation or review we deem unsuitable.

Hire Tradies Pty Ltd has the right to block or delete anyone we deem to be abusing our system.


T&C's for Tradies.

By joining hire tradies you agree to the following:

HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd is not responsible or liable for payments from customers to tradies. And will not be liable for payments after or before a job is complete. HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd does not hold any money on behalf of the customers or tradies. Tradies will be paid by the customer as per their usual way they receive money after a job is complete on site. The payment terms to the tradie should be discussed between the tradie and the customer before any job starts. And should be paid directly to the tradie.

HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd is not responsible for any discussion between the customer and tradie. Or in relation to payment terms.

HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd is not responsible for customers behaviour, injury or damage to tradies, tradies equipment or vehicles. On a job or travelling to or from a job.

HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd charges tradies on a pay per lead basis. Lead prices vary from job to job and day to day. Once a lead has been paid for, the customers contact details will be shown to the tradie.

All leads are verified prior being sent to tradies.

HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd does not refund any leads purchased by tradies/companies.  We believe in a fair go, so we offer $1 lead days several times a year. Where all leads are just $1ea for the entire day. This makes up for any bad leads.

HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd is not responsible for the amount of work, winning work from leads or the quality of work, you as a tradie/company receive. 2 other tradies that buy the same lead, will also receive the same lead contact details.

When a tradie or company does not respond in a timely manner to a lead, the response time increases in your ratings. This is visible to the potential customers. 

HireTradies.com.au Pty Ltd has the right to ban any tradie or company from it's platform for overcharging or misconduct. Or any bad publicity that the tradie or company is receiving or has received from media outlets.

Tradies on sign up, to use this service, agree to always give obligation free quotes. Any tradie charging for quotes will be deleted from this service with no notice or warning.

Hire Tradies.com.au Pty Ltd charges zero to join for first time tradies/customers

If a tradie/company cancels their membership. A $50 reactivation charge will be billed if they want to rejoin.

If a tradie/company doesn't buy any leads after being shown 25 leads and or over a period of 60 days, their account will be deactivated and deleted from our platform. A $50 reactivation charge will be billed if they want to rejoin.

We reserve the right at all times to edit, refuse to post, or to remove from the service any information or materials which we consider breaches or is likely to breach this Agreement, or which is or may be otherwise illegal or objectionable, and to disclose any information we deem appropriate to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, police request or government request.

You agree not to use the Service in any unlawful manner and in particular shall not:

Post any material that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, trade  secret or other proprietary right of any person;

Post any corrupted files, files that contain viruses, or any other code that may damage the operation of a computer or other electronic device;

 Conduct or forward surveys, contests other than in Communities (as defined below) intended for such uses, and shall not forward pyramid schemes or chain letters;

 Download any file Posted by another user of a forum that the user knows, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally distributed in such manner;

Impersonate another person, company or entity or 2nd entity, or falsify or delete any author attributions, legal or other proper notices or proprietary designations or labels of the original or source of software or other material contained in a file that is posted;

Cause the Service to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient or such that the effectiveness or functionality of the service is in any way impaired; or

Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Service.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are entitled to provide the Home owner Information and you therefore agree to indemnify us against any and all expenses, damages and losses of any kind (including legal fees and costs) incurred by us in connection with any actual or threatened claims of any kind (including without limitation any claim of trademark or copyright infringement, defamation, breach of confidentiality, false or misleading advertising or sales practices) arising from your provision of Homeowner Information.

We have the right to change our terms and conditions at anytime